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i spend most of my time playing a version of tag where i have to crawl.  because lets face it, its be extremely unfair to plaing walking tag with a 10 month old.  it is by far the most fun i have ever had.

also, my son keeps changing the radio station…he might be looking for better music.  i am a proud mom.

and…i almost died when my son got a bloodly lip when face planting the floor…he was fine.

what a kid.

rec. cong. silly. nation

i see.




of you

drink energy

so im tired.

and im sick of talking about being tired…

so i drank an energy drink and did nothing.

so typical me.

i peered into the minds of 25 of the most interesting strangers i know.

and all i saw were 4 naked bottoms.

nice bottoms but nonetheless, not what i was looking for down the rabbithole.

i am reading wuthering heights. terrible 33 first pages and then brillance.

how could i have ever thought any different.


I want to play this. In bed. With you. Yep.

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I want to play this. In bed. With you. Yep.

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I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim.

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morningtime with me and p.nash

half played songs on the piano

warm earl grey with milk

vanity fair half read

melanie and alexander beetle on vinnyl

vintage pictures to hang

a baby with sweet kisses and nothing on but a diaper

warm sticky maryland air

wuthering heights at naptime

love love love

…i sit…silently…you sit…in silence

i sit silently, because i can.

there are very few things that i can CHOOSE to do anymore.

but I CAN be silent.

i can be silent FOREVER

if i choose to.  and you can talk even louder…and LOUDER

and i will respond with nothingness.

it is MY will that I exert over myself

and you, consequently, since you seem to be sitting in my shadows so


which may exactly be YOUR problem,

farewell…the farewell…YOUR fairwell…YOU’RE fAILURE.


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