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thoughts from a dad brain…

on the romeo subject…

my father after a while to ponder stops in and says, “you may not be romeo, but he is definately Juliet.”

then we had a nice laugh.

i doubt this is a good literary reference, but my dad is poking at his maleness which is exactly what i needed to hear.

go team dad

seaschel-deactivated20120219 said: I feel like we're super similar people. Its rather scary, actually. So, dear friend, thanks for sharing your thoughts on here. Its nice to know we're not alone.

i am so pleased that you said this.  i agree completely.  i am always interested to see what you are saying.  and since i often feel torn between writing here or in my journal, its nice to know its occassionally heard.  i hope everything is well in your world

oh crap i meant to send this back to you…don’t know what i did wrong

my life as romeo

while forcing myself to run on the eliptical for an hour tonight (in hopes one day i won’t cringe at the thought of wearing a bathing suit) i discovered that i may in fact be romeo.

shortly after making this profound discovery, i try to explain to my father who immediately informs me that i am not a boy.  this is a great way to summarize the rhythm of most of our conversations.  except mostly we talk about public schools and volunteerism where i share my ideas about everyone needing to help and he states clearly that people don’t feel like it.  anyway, i digress.

so without being overtly long-winded, i will just say i may or may not have (MAY) have been having fantastical thoughts about my best guy friend for longer than i will ever admit.  i can, without any doubt, say that he entertains the idea also but not in the same way that i do. 

SIDEBAR: i am not a complete bleeding-heart, and I was raised by a very conservative, gun-collecting handy-man dad and there are no-words to describe a mother who only does that which is illogical and unpredicatable without being interesting or exciting.  this has left me somehow very romantic-minded in nature and shamelessly day-dreaming and hopeful.  i honestly think i am going to fall in love any time i go to the grocery store or stop for gas.  i am THAT girl.

to continue, last evening, “he who shall not be named” and i were texting (i know lame) our way around “what is going on between us” when he said some things that with some invested thought has led me to my deduction of my romeoness.  it matters not what he said, as much as what he said made me really think about whether or not i wanted to be in a relationship with him.  you know a relationship that actually has a PULSE.  he seemed so convinced that i did and that i would be devasted if we weren’t (idk why he would think that since we haven’t for such an embarrassingly long time).  and after we  were texting for a while, i just stopped…layed my head on my pillow…and listened to myself.  and i said, “hmmm, i feel tired…sleep now.”  i just didn’t seem to care anymore.

all this time i had spent imaging what it would be like or how it could be and then i was seeing more clearly what it was and how it would be brought on a sharp knowledge that i was playing pretend the way i did with love as a child (barbie-ken style).  I have been romeo and rosaline-ing the situation.  except that i didn’t have to see a big, hairy, hunky juliet to realize that my feelings are really all that genuine.  and how wonderful it feels to understand this especially before someone i do care about flashes into my life.  so now my skies are clear and blue again.  just the way a girl likes them.

*disclaimer…”he who we shall not mention” has been lovely and wonderful and in many ways my best and most dearest friend.  he will, no doubt, make some woman, one more suited to him, very happy.  and i will make some man very lucky. :)

i have so much to say.

i’ve been running a lot lately.  i mean a lot in the sense that I am doing it twice a day the way drug addicts replace behaviors with other healthy behaviors in order to help get better but, nevertheless, i am not a drug addict.  and i am not sure which behavior i am replacing. but it feels good.  i feel like an 8 yr old again.  free and alive.  and the faster and longer i run, the more i feel like i might actually be alive.

i’m thinking about him again.  and i am angry with myself about it.  my mind is running a circle around my heart and yet i can’t stop feeling this way. 

i have so much more to say.


Oh man, thats really cute

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Oh man, thats really cute

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my son is proving to be a cross between a wookie and a pterodactyl

strange soundtrack to my life right now

by the way

you can’t hate me and ignore me for the things we both you make you love me.

just saying

i like sweet potatoes unreasonably too much.